Stories of Success

Company profile

DSS, LLC is an all-inclusive organization that provides high quality software products, technology or engineering centric project management and/or full software lifecycle development consultation.

Business situation

Their goal was to launch a software product line that will feature a franchise resource management (FRM) tool, which is a cloud-based, enterprise system; working with franchisor and franchisee entities attempting to further their business initiatives and gain efficiencies through software and business systems.

Technical situation

During the initial discovery process, the client realized that they did not have the available resources in-house to accomplish the desired objectives. The client acknowledged they had the proper software, hardware and support staff, but was lacking in data management expertise.

In an effort to control costs and obtain necessary resources, the client engaged DatumLabs, for design/development only, and agreed to the following solution.

Solution Functionality Included the Following

Created a centralized, secure database solution, using MySQL, to support storage needs and data functionality for the first product, Franchise View. Franchise View is the primary feature of the FMS and provides franchise owners with an ideal management solution through a standard web browser. It offers a comprehensive franchise management suite that reduces the burden of managing de-centralized franchise stores into one complete management solution. Ultimately it provided an all-important “Centralized View” for franchise stores.


  • View store data anywhere, anytime
    • Near real-time and user configurable
  • Franchise store management
    • Inventory management
    • Location information
    • Store communication
  • Web email client, automatically relating all emails with customer records
  • Shared calendars for visibility across locations
  • Project/activity tracking and reporting
  • Centralized file management across stores
  • Marketing
    • Mass email
    • Mail merge
  • Accounting and HR services
  • Configurable interface
  • Easy store communication/collaboration
    • Relay tasks
    • Establish projects
    • Announcements
    • Meetings