Stories of Success

Company profile

Barkley was founded in 1964 and remains the largest employee-owned advertising agency in the U.S. Barkley has offices in Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Boulder and Los Angeles and employees over 300 people. Barkley’s impressive client roster features many Fortune 500 companies.

Business situation

The goal was to greatly reduce waste directly associated with many of their clients’ Paid Search initiatives. Barkley desired a system that specifically targeted online ads to only those locations in which there are active inventory items, job listings or regional product offerings.

Barkley had previously accomplished this by manual use of match types, negatives, distribution of funds and architecture adjustments. Furthermore, as account demands increased it became more challenging to continually, and dynamically, update keyword sets to only show active items per locations.

Technical situation

During the initial discovery process, Barkley realized that they did not have the available resources in-house to accomplish the desired objectives. The client acknowledged they had the proper software, hardware and support staff, but was lacking in data management expertise.

In an effort to control costs and obtain necessary resources, Barkley engaged DatumLabs, for design, development and deployment, and agreed to the following solution.


Created a secure application that distributed processed data from custom data feeds to Google’s AdWord API. The application consumes multiple data feeds, from various clients, and examines what has changed over the last 24 hours. The system determines what data has changed (active inventory items, job listings or regional product offerings) and then maps that data to the AdWords campaign associated with the item(s). Historical data is retained within a centralized database for reporting, custom distribution or future processing needs.


  • Focused budget on the more relevant traffic
  • Created a better experience for internal Barkley users
  • Improved conversion metrics for Search efforts
  • Decreased initiative costs by an average of 56% (One client saw a $900k savings per year)
  • Realized cost savings were able to be reallocated to new marketing initiatives

This allows the application to only show ads for jobs that are both active on Dice’s website, and in areas in which they are listed (or if the user searches for that city/DMA specifically).

Products and services used

  • MS SQL Server 2008R2/SSIS/SSRS
  • SMTP – Process Alerts
  • Google AdWords API
  • SFTP