DatumKey is a single hub that manages your data from start-to-finish and helps unlock your company’s marketing potential.

DatumKey allows you to cleanse, standardize and consolidate multiple data sources into one place to obtain a single-view of your customer, quick access to valuable insights and comfort in knowing your data is safe and secure.

DatumKey will pull in data from just about any data source. Whether that be your point of sale systems, email service platform, website analytics software, financial software or even a number of rogue Excel spreadsheets.

Once you have defined what it is that needs to be done with that data, DatumKey can be accessed allowing you to customize your marketing across all channels, make important decisions or simply provide reports to key team members.

Our goal is to help you be smarter about your clients – no longer is all the data in different areas – it’s in one spot. It’s a mind-blowing concept!

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