Why DatumLabs?

We help your data tell a bigger story. Our C2C partnership programs give you the flexibility to scale quickly, the efficiency to control costs, and the confidence to turn data into action. Our seasoned professionals are data monsters, with vast experience across many industries. From custom development to system integrations, DatumLabs solutions fill companies’ emerging needs to better collect, understand and utilize data.

We consult. We design. We build. We convert. We upgrade. We manage. We protect. We make you look brilliant at what you do. And we give you peace of mind, with 24/7 support.

Industry Experience

  • Automotive
  • CPG
  • Entertainment
  • Financial
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Sports

Partner not a Vendor - DatumLabs didn’t just sell us a login and turn us loose. They worked with us during every phase at a personal level – attending board meetings, onsite visits to define goals and continuous communication to ensure objectives were met and expectations were understood. They were always very responsive and gave us confidence with the data.

Dr. Sallie L. Veenstra, M.D./Owner, Lee's Summit Physicians Group

"In today’s jobless economic recovery, everyone is being asked to do more with less. The demands on my team as we capture more data, develop insights and turn those insights into actionable plans grow daily. As we evaluated solutions to meet our business needs, we found DatumKey to be a perfect solution – they understand data, the technology to manage the data and they are priced competitively in the marketplace – we certainly see a positive ROI in our relationship."

Geoff, VP Marketing, Rally House

DatumLabs knowledge base for their craft knows no boundaries. Whether we met with project managers or senior-level engineers, they exhibited intelligence and true professionalism throughout the entire process.

Jody Brown, Executive Director, Blue Springs Pediatrics

We knew we had the data, but could never find the key! Our goal has always been to eliminate manual workarounds and mitigate risks associated with the manual processing of reports. We wanted “free-flow” of information from our investment, and that is what we got.

Dr. Daniel Gershon, D.O./Owner, Lee's Summit Physicians Group

Leveraging their DatumKey product allowed us efficiently consolidate, centralize and access our financial and EMR data. This enabled us to analyze multiple years of information and discover trends that helped make immediate differences in our day-to-day decisions. More importantly, it allowed us to focus on our patients instead of operational pitfalls.

Matt Hornung, IT Director, Raintree Pediatrics

"It's not the size of your data that matters, it's how you use it!"

Oscar-ism, #1

Advanced Data MGMT Services

  • Data Security & Privacy
  • Multiple DB Platforms
  • ETL Solutions
  • BigData Solutions
  • Data Warehouse
  • BI Stacks
  • Data Visualization

Development Services

  • Consultation
  • Readiness Assessments
  • System Evaluations
  • Requirements Definition
  • Design & Development
  • System Documentation
  • Quality Assurance

System Integration

  • Data Migrations
  • Disparate Systems
  • Customer Management
  • Content Management
  • Marketing Platforms
  • Commerce Platforms
  • Resource Management

Marketing Services

  • Loyalty Programs
  • Email Campaigns
  • Mobile Campaigns
  • Custom Segmentation
  • Consumer Analysis
  • Trade Area Analysis

Master Data Management (MDM)

DatumLabs seasoned professionals have valuable experience managing, implementing and guiding you through the MDM process.

DatumLabs can provide insight and guidance around every aspect from implementing Data Governance to designing and building the necessary infrastructure needed to expose consolidated master data to various applications.

Best Practices & Standards

Having trouble establishing golden rules through policies, standards or operating procedures? Need a little help authoring and implementing these methodologies?

DatumLabs can assist your team by supplying proven industry standards, best practices and operating procedures that will help you mitigate security risks, data loss and ensure data integrity.

Data Security & Governance

DatumLabs can help increase your organizations data awareness. In today’s world data governance and security is paramount.

DatumLabs will provide support to help you assess your organization’s readiness, define guiding principles, author policies and provide internal training for key data stewards within all departments that will give your teams the ability to handle all classifications of data with confidence.

Stories in Success

The job

LSPG’s primary goal was to have centralized access to applicable data that could be used to help make key business decisions. They knew they had the data, but they just couldn’t get to it in a meaningful, efficient manner.

How we did it

DatumLabs proprietary system – DatumKey Healthcare, or DKH for you acronym lovers! DKH is a Platform as a Managed Service designed specifically to support healthcare facilities’ data needs. DKH securely accesses data by protecting known PHI and complying with all HIPAA regulations.


Too many cool things to list on a summary page! Check out the full case study to view all the benefits.

The job

Automate multiple CRM data feeds from various clients.

  • Standardize and consolidate lead data
  • Securely store historical data for comparisons
  • Apply proprietary scoring algorithms
  • Integrate scored leads back to CRM systems for near real-time feedback to sales teams

How we did it

With precision and confidence! Created an efficient warehouse storage infrastructure coupled with automated ETL (google it) processes and applied custom scoring algorithms. Mess in – valuable data out!


  • Eliminated the inefficient, costly and boring manual process. – we are talking kick-ass solution!
  • Enabled near real-time access to scored leads for key decision makers.
  • Broke the CRM barrier! Autonomous design that shared data with any CRM.
  • Increased processing efficiency by 450%.

The job

Build a kick-ass system that geo-targets online ads only to locations with active inventory items, job listings, and/or regional product offerings. Automate manual data processing and reduce waste associated with custom data sources, consolidation and distribution to Google AdWords.

*alts for “kick-ass”: “super-cool” or “mind-blowingly efficient”

How we did it

With laser-like focus! Our secure application distributes processed data from customized client feeds to Google’s AdWords API, mapping to specific campaigns. A centralized database enables search, reporting, and custom distribution.


  • focus budget on more relevant traffic
  • slash initiative costs 56% on avg. (one client saw $900K savings per year)
  • boost search conversion metrics
  • reallocate resources to new marketing initiatives
  • spend less time futzing around with data!

The job

Create a centralized, secure database solution to support a software product line for franchisor/franchisee enterprises implementing web-based data management.

How we did it

Collaboratively! We worked closely with our client to build innovative, web-based data management and functionality into their franchise management suite.


  • view enterprise/franchise data anytime, anywhere
  • easily share communications, calendars, projects, files, reports, etc.
  • configure data to user preference
  • integrate web-based email with customer records
  • manage accounting, inventory, and HR data

The job

Build a scalable, “single-view” Consumer Data Warehouse to store data from multiple sources (40M+ records), with enterprise-wide distribution for Exact Target integration.

How we did it

Meticulously! To simplify configuring, staging, and distributing data via a mix of databases, warehouses, and data marts, with automated search, smart load, and modular ETL processes—to name a few—was a complex project spanning 6 months.


  • Decreased time to incorporate ETL procedures by 50% per customer
  • Modular design supports system growth
  • 300% increase in email campaign creation efficiency

The job

Turning inefficient manual tasks into scalable automated processes for mail campaigns—and tracking/reporting response and conversion rates.

How we did it

Fast! Requirements-gathering and interviews, modular design, procedure-based solution, all integrated with mail subcontractor and delivered within two weeks.


  • Processes that took client 3-4 days now take 5-6 minutes.
  • Disparate data storage eliminated.
  • Security standardized for all data assets.
  • Client estimates ROI at around 500%.

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